Directions by Forest Won

by Forest Won

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DIRECTIONS is a reflection on life by the mystic being known as FOREST WON.

"Life is a journey. We can choose different directions within our time but we are all still connected and placed on the exact same little space in this humongous universe. Brother It's Time we see all human beings are family, all beings are connected. We hear about Giant Melting Iceblocks and we go party like it's 1999. A body dies and is joined with creation, it never dissapears. Watch your step! Are you ready? HerewegoYO! Build With Your Mind! Meditate on The Condition. You must Love Your Neighbour which is all beings on this planet. Lord Have Mercy on our souls in the Rebirth of the Water Particles which we refuse to appreciate. The mother that keeps everything together cries out until the day of our Silent Departure."

-Forest Won // 2010 // Copenhagen


released June 30, 2010

Produced by Kriswontwo (of Forest Won)



all rights reserved


Kriswontwo Copenhagen, Denmark

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Track Name: Brother (It's Time) (feat. Dudley Perkins)
K.Mathiassen: editing, arrangement, beats, piano, organ, vocals, synthstrings, synthbass
Nyambi: Passing on Kom legacy
D.Perkins: vocals
F.A.Wiik: bass
D.Muschinsky: moog, rhodes
T.K.Kjær: mix
Track Name: G.M.I. (Absurd Party)
K.Mathiassen: editing, arrangement, sounds, beats, synthbass, rhodes, wah-clav, wurlitzer, synthstrings, synthhorns, vocoder
D.Thomas jr: bass
B.Bovell: vocals
C.Mörner: guitar
D.Muschinsky: moog
T.K.Kjær: mix
Track Name: HerewegoYO (Build With Your Mind)
K.Mathiassen: editing, arrangement, all instruments & sounds
N.E.Kuh: mix
Track Name: The Condition (Love Your Neighbor)
K.Mathiassen: editing, arrangement, beats, sounds, bass, kalimba, additional keys
P.Mathiassen: keys
N.E.Kuh: mix
Track Name: Lord (Have Mercy) (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
K.Mathiassen: editing, arrangement, sounds, beats, rhodes, synthcello, synthharp, synthhorns, vocals
R.H.Thomsen: piano
D.Muschinsky: rhodes
D.Thomas jr: bass
G.A.Muldrow: vocals
A.Akselbo: vocals
T.K.Kjær: mix
Track Name: Rebirth Of The Waterparticles
K.Mathiassen: editing, arrangement, sounds, beats, rhodes, synthhorns
N.E.Kuh: mix
Track Name: Silent (Departure) (feat. Ida Kudo)
K.Mathiassen: editing, arrangement, sounds, beats, bass, vocals
Kj.Mathiassen: organ
I.Kudo: vocals
C.Mörner: guitar
F.A.Wiik: Bass
D.Muschinsky: moog
T.K.Kjær: mix
Track Name: Tomorrow (feat. Thomas Piper & Johnny Prince) (Bonus Track)
K.Mathiassen: editing, arrangement, keys, strings, sounds, bass, guitar
A.Ketelsen: drums
T.Piper: vocals
J.Prince: vocals
S.Fullard: horns
T.K.Kjær: mix